The Declaration of Codependence

Taking place in three locations simultaneously – the National Mall in Washington DC, the Governor’s Palace Green in Colonial Williamsburg, and online via an interactive webcast – the Declaration of Codependence engaged three audiences in different locations interacting in real-time with the story and each other.

Audiences in the two outdoor locations followed a cast of characters through a series of challenges, traveling through time to save the day before sunset.  Some characters were present in person, others were seen on players’ mobile devices, and all three narratives were tailored so their respective audiences were at the center of the drama. 

All three audiences communicated during the event with text message prompts – users in one location could send messages related to the story to a central system, which would then redirect their message and send it to one user in a different audience.  Those watching via the webcast were able to see these text messages received in the field via streaming video, communicate with each other and one of the characters via web chat, and discover special content over social media channels and additional websites.  Some audience members were even able to use these additional components to discover the time travel paradox climax the webcast audiences were inevitably headed toward, and see how this impacted the personal story of the character overseeing the web interface.

This event was a featured case study during an AVAdventure Productions presentation at the 2011 South by Southwest Interactive conference.